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Beaver-photo-for-blog Last summer PAWS Wildlife Center took in two orphaned baby Beavers who, tragically, lost their mothers. Each of them weighed only a pound. Because they couldn’t yet swim well, PAWS’ wildlife rehabilitators gave them a stuffed toy animal to cling to in the water. They also bottle-fed the tiny, fuzzy creatures until they could eat solid food. (Read their story in PAWS magazine or watch a video about them on KOMO 4 news.)

That was almost a year ago. You should see them now.

PAWS staff constructed a make-shift lodge for the Beavers, essentially a large wooden box with a hole in the bottom leading into a pool. Using mud, sticks and branches the rehabilitators put in their enclosure, the Beavers have spent their time fortifying and remodeling the lodge to their liking. Each Beaver has gained about 24 pounds, and neither wants anything to do with their human caregivers—just the way we like it.

Here is a really short video of the Beavers getting started on their lodge. Once they noticed there was a person videotaping them, they stopped.

In the next couple of weeks, PAWS’ Wildlife Rehabilitation Manager Dondi and PAWS’ Naturalist Kevin Mack will scout out a good release site for the Beavers. Within the next month, we hope to return them home to wild so they can get started on building their new lodges from scratch.


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